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Life is a Project
Touchstone's philosophy is directed at different requirements.
Placeholder Contracting
This normally implies a three month or longer fulltime commitment from us, where we directly manage Projects to successful completion.
Placeholder Consulting
Where there is a need for mentoring, guidance, or Project auditing, we adopt a Consultancy philosophy. This normally implies a day per week/fortnight/month commitment from us and is very cost effective.
Placeholder Training
Growth requirements are conducted via a highly interactive Workshop (vs. Lecture) with the emphasis on each delegate participating in an experience which research has shown to benefit long-term recall. Click here to see information on our Training Workshops.
Placeholder Facilitation
Typically we would offer Neutral Facilitation for Project Initiation and Planning Workshops to ensure that a Project starts well and has a good Project Plan, with the occasional visit to confirm focus on the Project Objectives.

In all instances, the goal is to enable the person and/or business to be successful in achieving practical solutions.