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Life is a Project

• Have you been asked at short notice to get a project up and running and don't know where to start?
• Do you need a concise foundation to manage a project successfully without delving into the more time consuming and complex issues of Project Management?
• Do you have a goal to achieve and want to ensure you attain it?

If you answered 'yes' to any one of them, then this 2 day workshop is designed for you! Touchstone's workshop will equip people from any discipline (Financial, Administrative, Marketing, Technical) - in fact anyone who wants to be successful in reaching meaningful goals.

We have found during our years of managing projects, that an inordinate amount of time is used trying to educate people involved in a project team as to how a project is developed and executed and why certain requirements are necessary.
This highly interactive workshop is primarily targeted at those individuals
who need a concise course in the fundamentals of Project Management to enable
them to be functional after 2 days.

Touchstone subscribes to this simple definition:
"To bring order to potential chaos"

We are good at doing this, and invite you to attend the next workshop, or make use of our Consulting and Contracting Services.

Workshop Content

The following Project Management disciplines are covered:

Scope definition and management
• Destroying myths about when a project actually begins.
• Contracting one's role.
• Painting the "Silhouette".

Risk identification and management
• Risk identification is not enough; how does one manage a potential risk impact downward.

Cost management
• Basic principles that are effective in controlling finances.

Project Progress Review and Reporting
• These are not your classic meetings and should not be so.
• How to use reporting effectively.

Communication Management
• Defining the formal and informal channels and how to use them.

Team Management
• How to engage the team to be more effective.

Quality Management
• Methods to employ to get buy-in to Quality Management.

Contract Management
• Internal and external contracting and how to effectively manage this.
• Protecting all stakeholder interests.

Day-to-day Project Management
• What to look out for and where to spend one's time.
• Capturing the Project Plan into a Project Management Tool.
• Resource assignment and Resource Levelling.|
• Critical path, and Sub-critical Path management.

Workshop Registration

We can conduct workshops all over the world, the only requirement being that there are between 10 and 16 delegates attending each workshop. Even if your group isn't big enough, please fill in your preferences regarding venues and dates. We will collate all requests for a particular area and set up a workshop. If we don't have enough total delegates, we will contact you, and arrange to accommodate you at an alternative venue.

Workshop Name: Practical Introduction to Project Management Fundamentals

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FEE: per delegate. Includes VAT, Workbook, Material, Venue, Refreshments, Lunches, and computer usage.
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